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Mesh and sandwich mesh are very similar in shape. Generally, non professionals are well distributed, which is which. What’s the difference between mesh and sandwich mesh? Textured Filament Yarn

What’s the difference between mesh and sandwich mesh - Digital Journal

Let’s start with mesh. The fabric with mesh holes is called mesh cloth. Different kinds of mesh can be woven with different equipments, mainly including organic woven mesh and knitted mesh. Among them, woven mesh has white or color woven, and jacquard, which can weave different patterns. It has good air permeability. After bleaching and dyeing, the cloth is very cool. Besides making summer clothes, it is especially suitable for making curtains, mosquito nets and other products.

The mesh fabric can be made of pure cotton or chemical fiber blended yarn (yarn). The whole yarn mesh fabric is generally made of 14.6-13 (40-45 British yarn), and the whole line mesh fabric is made of 13-9.7 double strand yarn (45 British yarn / 2-60 British yarn / 2). The interweaved yarn and yarn can make the fabric pattern more prominent and enhance the appearance effect. There are generally two weaving methods for woven mesh: one is to use two groups of warp (ground warp and twist warp) to form a shed after twisting each other and interweave with weft (see leno weave). Warping is the use of a special kind of warping heald (also known as semi heald), which is sometimes twisted on the left side of the ground warp. After one (or three, or five) weft insertion, it is twisted to the right side of the ground warp. The mesh shaped small holes formed by mutual twisting and weft interweaving are stable in structure, which is called Leno; The other is to make use of the change of jacquard weave or reeding method. Three warp yarns are used as a group and one reed tooth is used to weave the fabric with small holes on the cloth surface. However, the mesh structure is unstable and easy to move, so it is also called false Leno.

There are also two kinds of knitted mesh, weft knitted mesh and warp knitted mesh. The warp knitted mesh is usually woven on the West German high-speed warp knitting machine, and the raw materials are nylon, polyester, spandex, etc. the finished products of knitted mesh include high elastic mesh, mosquito net, laundry net, luggage net, hard net, sandwich mesh, coricot, embroidered mesh, wedding net, checkerboard mesh Transparent net, American net, diamond net, jacquard net, lace and other mesh.

As the name suggests, sandwich mesh has interlayer, which is usually produced and processed by double needle bed warp knitting machine. The simplest way to distinguish is that one is single layer and the other is multi-layer.

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What’s the difference between mesh and sandwich mesh - Digital Journal

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